Ura Tabu Siva Workshops

Enhancing sensory and aesthetic awareness through the forms of Siva, Ura and Hula.

  • Mon 8 July – Friday 12 July
  • Ages 6-14 year olds
  • Free
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  • Mon, 8 Jul at 10AM
  • Tue, 9 Jul at 10AM
  • Wed, 10 Jul at 10AM
  • Thu, 11 Jul at 10AM
  • Fri, 12 Jul at 10AM

Enhancing sensory and aesthetic awareness through the forms of Siva, Ura and Hula.
In addition, we nurture intra-personal development by creating a fun yet centred environment for learning that is not performance driven instead promotes a healthy state of well-being. Participants learn on their own to love and appreciate culture and the many relationships that exists in the word around them.

NO experience is required for this program. Parents please make sure kids have a 2 litre water bottle, i.e lavalava, hair should be nice and tidy and away from the face.
There will be an informal ‘learning demonstration’

Ura Tabu

Established in August 2008 Ura Tabu is a wahine lead dance collective made up of a diverse range of Indigenous dance practitioners from the Pacific. Our mission derives from a collective female response to reignite the sacredness of our dances from the Pacific as a way of re-establishing interconnectedness, collective well-being and unity that ultimately cultivates empowerment, bold creativity and fine art. We actively perpetuate a tapu and empowering approach to Pacific dance that nourishes our communities and heavily informs our commercial and theatre based dance works. Specifically, we offer mindful dance fitness classes, mindful kids classes, innovative indigenous lead dance collaborations, cultural mentoring programs through Pacific movement forms, fine Pacific entertainment and produce innovative Pacific dance theatre.

Ura Tabu

Ura Tabu

Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board