CANCELLED: Understanding Dramatherapy: Benefits for Māori & Pasifika Youth

The Benefits for Māori and Pasifika Communities

  • Jan 16 2019
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  • Wed, 16 Jan at 1:30PM

The utilisation of the arts, particularly drama/theatre, as an alternative or in addition to talk therapy for symptom relief has long been established as a credible set of modalities in which those who can access them (particularly youth) find relief from mental health issues. A new culturally relevant, mixed- methods pilot intervention and research protocol within Dramatherapy will be outlined and demonstrated.

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Mikel Moss

Mikel Moss is a Ph.D. candidate in Global and Cultural Mental Health at the University of Melbourne, a recent Masters of Arts in Education in Clinical Psychology (minors in Global Mental Health and Trauma, Community Psychology, and Research Methods) from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a former Alternative Training Student in Drama Therapy and Counseling Psychology through the North American Drama Therapy Association.
Mikel’s research focus is on the development of mixed method drama therapeutic techniques and researching the best practices for healing and care with “colonized Other” communities (communities that are adversely affected by European colonization). Mikel is passionate about creating space for arts therapies research in the broader psychological community.

Mikel Moss

Mikel Moss

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