Cook Islands language week workshops

Community groups will work together with Auckland Museum and Te Oro to celebrate and perpetuate Cook Islands language culture. Artists practitioners musicians and traditional healers

  • Sat, 5 Aug at 10AM
  • One day Only
  • Ages 5-105
  • Free
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  • Sat, 5 Aug at 10AM

10.00–2.00: Angarau: Tivaivai and the beautiful art of Cook Islands embroidery. Join this Glen Innes based mama group as they share their knowledge about tivaivai. Suitable for 10 year olds and on

11.00-11.45: Akairo: Cook Islands design motifs & iconography fit for the gods. Join interdisciplinary artist Numa Mackenzie as he takes you on a journey of graf, tatau and mixed media. Suitable for all ages

11.45-12.30: Ukarere: Ukulele and the beautiful sound from the realm of Tane. Join New Zealand born Lindsay Unuia as he takes you through the history and evolution of the 8 string Cook Islands ukulele. Bring your own ukulele and play along to simple songs and tune

12.30-1.15: Vairakau Maori: a gift from the gods - traditional healing and medications. Join Ngametua Tuara as he takes you on a journey of exploration into the world of Mangaian traditional healing. Suitable for 8 years old and over

1.15-2.00: A Rutu: Drumming & percussions to awaken the soul. Join the East Auckland culture group for a session of drumming, percussions and dance

East Cook Islands Community Culture Group

Passionate about the culture and arts of Cook Islands, The East Cook Islands Community Culture Group teaches and performs a range of arts and cultural activities including dancing, drumming, singing with instruments, reo, knitting, painting, making tivaevae. The group’s kaupapa centers around gathering people together to carry on the Cook Islands heritage and culture through the arts, while having lots of fun!

Auckland Museum

Drumline is the outreach part of Auckland museums` exhibition called ‘Volume: Making Music in Aotearoa’. The exhibition runs October 2016 right through to May 2017. Drumline aims to bring aspects of the exhibition out into the community through interactive workshops, participatory learning, object handling and live performances. An event not to be missed

East Cook Islands Community Culture Group

East Cook Islands Community Culture Group

Auckland Museum

Auckland Museum

Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board