Taking Dance To The People

Bringing diverse dance works to the community in Tamaki Makaurau

View dates
  • Sat, 28 Mar at 12:30PM
  • Sat, 18 Apr at 12:30PM
  • Sat, 30 May at 12:30PM

‘Taking Dance To The People’ is a programme created to make dance visible by activating performances in various spaces in Auckland. From Pacific dance, to contemporary to Kpop, ‘Taking Dance To The People’ is diverse and created for the community.

Dance Aotearoa New Zealand

Artists involved in these performances are Seidah Tuaoi (Hip-Hop and Siva Samoa artist), Vicky Medina (Hip-Hop and contemporary artist), NZKDA (Kpop), Isope Akauola (Tongan contemporary artist), Amanda Wilson (Niuean contemporary artist) and Olivia O’Brien (Contemporary artist).

Dance Aotearoa New Zealand

Dance Aotearoa New Zealand

Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board