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He Wai

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  • Sat, 12 Mar at 4PM

Storytelling evocative and diverse, wholly original and anchored in Aotearoa.

Enjoy the lyrical and interlocking vocals of Emily and Charles of Aro as they present He Wai, a collection of waiata celebrating the marine life that live in the waters off the coasts of this beautiful country, along with award nominated waiata about the native birdlife of this land.

Fun for the whole family, this performance includes elements of folk, soul, haka and jazz to bring audiences of all ages together in a celebration of the natural world that surrounds us.

Children, rangatahi, and adults alike are encouraged to dress up as their favourite animal or in their best dancing clothes and groove to the music of this celebrated and talented duo.

Recommended for all ages.

TICKETS: $15-$25

AAF 2022

AAF 2022
Light is an important element in the navigational culture of our ancestors. Around the world, sun rise, sun set, and the moments in-between, are dependable guides. They provide indicators of location and time –the ascent into daybreak or the descent into nightfall, otherwise known as Twilight, of which there are three stages.

Tama nui te rā – when the sun starts to set. Light is still visible above the horizon, but the sun has dropped below the skyline. The skies change colour and the eyes of the navigator start to sharpen, to begin looking for the night markers that will guide the way forward.

Kārohirohi – the shimmering heat from the sun that becomes more visible in the form of mirages as the sun is setting.

Mārikoriko – that in-between time where the light fades out and darkness begins to take over. Stars become more visible, painting a map in the sky that will lead the waka in the right direction.

With the theme and curatorial lens of “Truth” weaving throughout the Te Ahurei Toi o Tāmaki / Auckland Arts Festival (AAF) 2022 programme, we visually explore this concept through our design – balancing the layers and tensions of light moving to darkness.

Truth is not always seen in the same light. The space between truths is often dark, and the realisation of truth can be illuminating. With the majority of the works presented in AAF taking place between dusk and dark – twilight – we welcome you to engage, through the voices of our artists, a world of light and truths.

AAF 2022

AAF 2022

Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board