Summer Break 2018 (Fri) : Open Capoeira class – Open

Try this Brazilian martial art mixed with dance & music! Learn the basics, acrobatics, instruments and play Capoeira together!

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  • Fri, 19 Jan at 6PM
  • Fri, 26 Jan at 6PM

For a gold coin donation, anyone can try this Brazilian martial art, combined with dance & music.

We will teach the basics like Ginga, simple techniques, a bit of acrobatics, how to play rhythms with musical instruments and to play Capoeira together!

Capoeira helps to improve coordination, body-balance, flexibility, self-control, musicality and confidence.

In Capoeira the kids don’t fight, they PLAY, in pairs using the movements learnt in class, following the music played by the instruments.

No experience required. Just wear comfy sport clothes, no shoes needed, and bring a bottle of water.

Register to attend now, as this session is highly popular.

Simplesmente Capoeira Association

David, known as Cabeça in Capoeira, started training in this martial art when he was a pre-teen in Spain. He was amazed by the movie “Only the Strong” and didn’t hesitate in joining classes at the nearest gym.
In the years since, he has been in different countries for Capoeira events including Switzerland, France, UK, Brazil, South Korea and Tonga. He has always had a passion and dedication for studying this art and has been lucky to meet and train with some of the best Masters.
He moved to Auckland in 2014 and has continued training and teaching classes for adults and kids.

Simplesmente Capoeira Association

Simplesmente Capoeira Association

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