Level 1
  • 01 Taurere



    Taurere is a flexible rehearsal and performance space.

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    • Flexi purpose space.

      Fully sprung floor.
      Black out curtains
      4 x adjustable pop up curtain units.

    • North Facing configuration.

      Size of performance space: 14.5m (length) x 7 m (wide).
      See tech specs for map layout.
      Capacity -
      Seated: 110-120 (depends on size of performing area)
      Standing - 150

    • East Facing configuration

      Performance space: 6m (length) x 4 m (wide).
      See tech specs for map layout.
      Capacity -
      Seated: 110-120 (depends on size of performing area)
      Standing - 150

    • Traverse configuration

      Performance space: 10m (length) x 3.5m (wide).
      See tech specs for map layout

    • Conference configuration

      8 x tables.
      PA with 1 x mic

    • Workshop space

      Open floor
      Loose seating

    • Bleacher seating blocks x 2

      5200mm x 4700mm
      3800mm x 4700mm.
      Single chair theatre seating for pax 60.

    • Basic House lighting rig

      SmartFade ML LX console
      Nova Theatre light console
      6 x Profile
      8 x Fresnel
      12 x LED
      2 x 3m box truss
      2 x 2m box truss
      6.18m (wide) x 6m (length) Cyclorama

    • Projector

      Panasonic PT-DW830ELK 85000 limen WXGA (1280 x 800) DLP projector

    • Screen

      Grand view smart 160"

    • Basic PA system

      Soundcraft Si Expression 24 Channel console
      2 x JBL 615s
      4 x JBL 612s
      2 x JBL 18” Sub speakers
      4 x wireless mic rack unit
      DI and Mic kit to suit

    • Back of House

      2 x dressing rooms with shower facilities.
      Mirrored dance bar
      Green room ( level 1)

    • Control Booth (1.3m x 5.1m)

      HDMI/ VGA input switchboard
      36 AC input Dimmer panel
      100 AC input Patch panel
      18 Live outlets

    • Additional items

      Marley Black or White

    • Dance Floor

      24 units x 2m x 1 m risers/staging.

      *On arrangement Te Pupu O Kawau can be hired for an additional green room.

      *Please note that there is are some compulsory cost associated with the hire of Taurere:
      Venue Technician of $30 p/h for duration of the booking
      Cleaning fee

  • 02 Te Pupu o Kawau

    Te Pupu o Kawau
    Te Pupu o Kawau


    Te Pupu o Kawau is an artist studio ideal for classes and workshops.

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Level 2
  • 1 Maungarei​ Dance Studio

    Maungarei​ Dance Studio
    Maungarei​ Dance Studio


    Maungarei is a dance studio is a dance and rehearsal space or for rehearsals, group workshops etc

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    • Music / Dance studio

      Sprung floor
      Dance bar.
      Panasonic PA system with 5 x speakers
      Compatible with laptop, ipad ,iphone

      Capacity 40
      $40 off peak , $50 peak

  • 2 Studio 1

    Studio 1
    Studio 1


    Studio 1 is a carpeted studio space perfect for meetings, classes, and small rehearsal groups.

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    • Ideal for meetings or for a small rehearsal space

      4 x Tables
      Seating for 20
      Capacity 20

      $34.40 off peak, $43 on peak
      40.62 square metres.

  • 3 Music Studio 2

    Music Studio 2
    Music Studio 2


    Studio 2 is ideal for music production, editing, mixing, singer-songwriter recording and voiceover

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    • Control room

      2 x Focusrite 8channel Octo Pre amps
      1 x Apollo Quad2 Pre amp
      1 x Eucon S3 console
      2 x Event 2030 monitor speakers
      2 x 27” iMac Display monitors
      Pro Tools
      3 x comfy chairs

      Capacity 5

    • Software

      Abelton Pro 9
      Final Cut Pro

  • 4 Music Studio 3

    Music Studio 3
    Music Studio 3


    Studio 3 is perfect for singer-songwriter and voiceover recordings.

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    • 1 x Microphone Acoustic Screen
      4 x Pop filters
      1 x Rode K2 Condenser microphone
      1 x AltoPro 6CH headphone monitor rack
      3.2m x 2.8m area
      Capacity 3

  • 5 Music Studio 4

    Music Studio 4
    Music Studio 4


    for a high-quality multi-track recording of bands, solo artists, and community groups.

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    • Live Room suitable for recording or practise

      2 x SRM350 Speakers
      1 x 16 Channel ProFX16 console
      1 x 200w Guitar amp
      1 x BK300 615w Bass amp
      1 x Roland FA 08 keyboard (weighted keys)
      4pc Gretsch Drum kit
      Gibraltar Hardware
      MeinL/ Saban Cymbals (Hats, Crash, Ride)
      Kramar Classic Electric guitar
      Aria Pro Bass guitar
      5.3m x 4.2m area
      Capacity 10

      All studios are also available for dry hire

  • 6 Art Workshop 1

    Art Workshop 1
    Art Workshop 1


    a large art studio perfect art space for printing, painting and classes and workshops.

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    • Visual arts classroom

      Large sink for easy clean up.
      Projector - Epson EB-485Wi
      Capacity 18

      $34.40 off peak, $43 on peak

  • 7 Workshop 2

    Workshop 2
    Workshop 2


    Not available for hire

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    • Small art space or meeting space.

      2 x Tables
      10 seats
      Capacity 10

  • 8 Digital Suite Workshop 3

    Digital Suite Workshop 3
    Digital Suite Workshop 3


    a unique iMac computer suite for students to access music and media technologies

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    • Computer Suite

      12 x iMac OS X 10.10.3 computers
      12 x Alesis Vi25 midi keyboard with 16 sample soft pads
      Log Pro X with Native Instruments Audio Package
      12 x HPS5000 Headphones
      KRK system TRS/XLR monitor speakers
      Komplete Audio6, 2 input Interface.
      Capacity 14

    • Software

      Abelton Pro 9
      Final Cut Pro

    • Projector

      Epson EB-485Wi

Hire Te Oro

Te Oro is a purpose-built performing arts venue with competitive rates. Learn about some of the details.

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WIFI access
Te Oro provides free Wi-Fi. This can be found under settings in your personal device listed as TOMIZONE G I Music & Arts Centre. It is capped at 1 GB per person per day.

If you hire a venue from us ten times or more during a financial year (1 July to 30 June) you are considered a regular hirer and will receive a discount off the hourly venue hire rates.

A discount may be applied for priority and core business venue hire for events and classes at Te Oro that meet two of the criteria defined by the Maungakiekie Tamaki Local Board in the Te Oro Charter: music and arts events; with youth engagement and/or  50% community involvement.

This is to retain a high level of use by arts stakeholders and local community organisations and to meet the objectives of the Te Oro Charter and the facility’s business plan. 

You cannot get both discounts at the same time. Please contact the Te Oro direct to discuss or apply teoro@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz or 09 890 8560.
Please note that some other fees and charges may apply to your booking. This will be discussed with you at the time of your booking.

How many parking spaces at Te Oro?
Te Oro has NO designated parking available for artists.

There is a loading zone in the rear of the building for drop offs and pickups only.
The carpark has an 180-minute time limit and the parking wardens visit regularly.
There is parking available in surrounding streets on Maybury St, Line Road and Taniwha Street which is just 2-3 minute walk and close to Te Oro.